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Bridging Wikipedia.
The bridging between international training and a country's' requisites through a bridge program higher education. The bridging between secondary and post-secondary studies at a university, such as the Academic Bridging Program at Woodsworth College, Toronto. In grappling, the technique of pushing the hips upwards to offbalance a top opponent, for instance by trying to escape the mount.
Bridging networking Wikipedia.
2 In the OSI model, bridging is performed in the data link layer layer 2. 3 If one or more segments of the bridged network are wireless, the device is known as a wireless bridge. The main types of network bridging technologies are simple bridging, multiport bridging, and learning or transparent bridging.
Bridging Clinical Research Clinical Health Care Collaborative.
Since 2018, the Bridging Clinical Research Clinical Health Care Collaborative has brought together the health care and research communities to improve participation in clinical research and eliminate the chasm that divides research and care. SCORR Marketing, the organization behind the Bridging event, is collaborating with the Conference Forum on the 2020 Clinical Research as a Care Option CRAACO conference to merge the events.
Study Abroad in Japan: Bridging Scholarships American Association of Teachers of Japanese.
Bridging Scholarship Recipients Spring 2009. See where the Bridging Scholars are studying in Japan. For further information on the Bridging Scholarships or the application procedure please contact Susan Schmidt, Executive Director of the Bridging Project Clearinghouse, at the AATJ office:

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